Oakland Union Of The Homeless Timeline


Oakland Union of the Homeless founded by Terry Messman, Andrew Jackson and others

December 24 - Twenty-four people from Oakland Union of the Homeless took over an empty house, partly to commemorate the Dec. 15 death of James Lee, a homeless man. Police evicted them on December 26.


January - 50 people took over three Victorian houses in Preservation Park, in Oakland. (Glenna Jackson quoted in news articles.)

October 28 - 14 people arrested for refusing to leave Sen. Pete Wilson's office, after legislative director refused to commit resources for housing.


April - Oakland Union of the Homeless part of Greenlining Coalition


April - Union of the Homeless joins with other organizations in naming a "Slumlord of the Month"

April 23 - Oakland Union of the Homeless occupies two HUD houses. City Council votes days later to set up talks with HUD.

April 26 - Union takes over third house. Mayor wants to give some houses to non-profits to house homeless. Federal officials continue to say they will evict squatters.

June - Dignity Housing West receives $1 million as well as land valued at $300,000 from the state.

July 16 - 34 protesters arrested at sleep-in protest at San Francisco Civic Center


April - Power struggle within organization. Portia Godfrey (and others, apparently with support of NUH) called board illegal and criticized director of Dignity Housing West, Dorothy King. The board had received $9 million in grants.


February - Formerly homeless filmmaker Jerry Jones releases “Homeless Not Helpless: Opening Doors” – focuses largely on Oakland Union of the Homeless.

July - Oakland Union of the Homeless files class-action suit against Oakland and California police officers for raiding encampments under an overpass in March.

October - Oakland Union of the Homeless sues sued state transportation director, James van Loben Sels for raiding encampment under an overpass and destroying people's belongings.



August - Construction begins on Dignity Housing II.